To build a large-scale art installation out of thousands of clear thermoformed plastic containers, also referred to as blister packs or clamshells. 


To remove this ubiquitous plastic packaging from the local waste stream because it is often not recyclable and is ultimately destined for the landfill.


The community diligently saved blister packs and donated them to our designated collection bins.



The project has culminated into an art exhibit at the Invisible Dog Art Center, 51 Bergen St., Brooklyn NY.  It will be on display from March 7th, 2015 through April 11th, 2015.


Blister Pact  is not Ian’s first large-scale installation created from salvaged waste materials. He has over 5 years of experience building transformative, site-specific works. Venues that have hosted these installations include: BAM (Brooklyn Academy of Music), The Invisible Dog Art Center, Recession Art, Webster Hall, the Wassaic Project, Westwood Gallery, Muriel Guepin Gallery, Coleman Burke Gallery, Dumbo Arts Festival, Figment Festival, Affordable Art Fair, and the Bushwick Open Studios. 

This particular project was Ian’s first monumental installation out of blister packs. While he has been incorporating blister packs into his work for years, it was only done on a small scale. His series of framed blister pack pieces inspired some friends to start saving and donating their unique packaging to him. Inspiring other people to give him their trash after learning to see its hidden potential has been one of the most fascinating developments of Ian’s artistic process. Blister Pact tested and improved upon this unique gift economy. This project drew upon the strength of the artist’s network and local community, most of who recognize and appreciate his sustainably driven process and actively contribute material to his efforts.


Ian Trask is a scientist-turned-artist who received his degree in biology from Bowdoin College in 2005. After years of working in research labs, Ian spent some time as a hospital groundskeeper cleaning up trash daily, an experience that proved to be formative in his artistic development. Ian saw the artistic potential in the waste he was confronted with everyday and quickly began working with discarded manufactured goods as the main platform for his pieces.

As a sculptor Ian explores the inherent aesthetics of material waste.  His process focuses primarily on the disassembly of salvaged, once-functional objects, with the outcomes of his practice showing a broad range of material, visual and conceptual manifestations.

Through the creative appropriation of mundane and familiar objects, Ian hopes to redefine how we look at our surrounding environment.

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 Ian Trask                                                              Photo by  Erin Przekop 

Ian Trask                                                              Photo by Erin Przekop 

Ian has exhibited and created installations at a wide variety of venues including: the Brooklyn Academy of Music, the Invisible Dog, Recession Art, Wassaic Project, Bertrand Delacroix Gallery, Westwood Gallery, Muriel Guepin Gallery, Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival, Affordable Art Fair, DUMBO Arts Festival, Webster Hall, Figment Interactive Art Festival, and the Coleman Burke Gallery.  He has worked on the visual design for performances by choreographers Tiffany Mills and Judith Sanchez Ruiz. “Fabric of the Cosmos” and “the Worm,” two of Ian’s large-scale installations, are on permanent display at the Invisible Dog Art Center. 

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